The Two Sister's story begins with a handsome Frenchman born in Canada and a beautiful Texas gal who met and married in Connecticut in the early 40's. LJ "Frenchy" Chouinard was a Navy man. After he was discharged, He and Mary made their home in the Lone Star State.

Shirley was born the 4th child and a twin. Pam was born 6th in line 7 years later. Shirley confesses that she never did like Pam and used to pinch her to wake her up and make her cry.

Years and years went by and these two sisters very seldom saw each other and really were never close. They were busy raising their families and had little time for anything else. The occasional family reunion, or family funeral was the only time they saw each other.

Finally, the two connected. They started going to a ceramic class at a senior center. They re-connected with their ceramic "roots" that go back to their mom. She was a huge ceramic enthusiast and they were raised around slip, molds and glaze. Now they've developed a small business to introduce the art of ceramics to a new generation and bring back a lot of memories for members of past generations.

Please enjoy browsing through their website and discoveringthe wonderful world of ceramics!